Managed Endpoints

The technology and software you use to successfully run your business and manage everyday operations is critical to your business. You expect your information technology to work and blend seamlessly with your business.

Texas 24’s Managed Endpoint services manage each and every one of your devices and systems, ensuring your data is both safe and secure.

Endpoint Services

Endpoint Services

Malware & Phishing Protection

Proven protection with a multi-tiered approach using artificial intelligence, DNS analytics, and IP protection to bullet proof your systems integrity.

Backup & Asset Management

We configure, monitor and manage backups of your critical endpoints to ensure resilience in your data continuality plan.

Proactive Health Monitoring

Real time monitoring with our proprietary monitoring agent. It’s constantly monitoring the health of each of your endpoints.

Technical Support

Our technical support staff can assist your users to resolve issues quickly utilizing our service desk and our remote support tools.

Updates & Deployments

With the advanced monitoring agent, we are able to track and enforce software updates and deployments to ensure your end-points are always up-to-date.

New Device Provisioning

We can configure and deploy new devices for your team to make sure the system is built to your specification, and aligned with managements’ expectations.