Managed Voice

By utilizing the Cloud, Texas 24 can assist your organization in taking advantage of every aspect of VoIP for a more communicative, effective and productive working environment.

Your business will benefit from a more responsive approach to daily operations thanks to the services VoIP can offer, including mobile integration, call recording, email voice messaging settings, international phone connection, and so much more.

Voice Services

Voice Services

From small businesses to mid-sized organizations, every company can benefit from the virtually endless opportunities available to them using VoIP. As a busy organization, your team and employees thrive on the simple, unmitigated access to their fellow colleagues and team members; your customers want easy access to the key personnel in your company who help make their experience better.

With VoIP, your business can harness the power of systems which create an environment of better communication, with more control.

Centralized Cloud Management

The Meraki dashboard enables secure monitoring and management of all of your phones from anywhere in the world.

Transfer Options

Transfer calls, transfer to voicemail, or warm transfer, all in just a tap. No more complex commands for simple actions.

Directory Integration

Use Active Directory or Google Directory to manage corporate users, for a simple deployment and management process.

Visual Voicemail

Listen to your voicemail anytime, from anywhere. Easily choose what you need to hear and what can wait. It’s voicemail made for the 21st century.

Call Loss Statistics

Intelligent insight into audio quality, so you can proactively optimize for great sounding calls.

Phone Portal

Access voicemails, directory, call forwarding and more, from any smartphone or computer. Included automatically with every MC74.

Wideband Audio

Go easy on your ears with wideband audio. It’s like Hi-Fi for your phone calls, making for clearer conversation.

Easy Onboarding

If you need more numbers, it doesn’t have to take weeks to get them. With easy onboarding, you’re up and running in minutes.